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Santa Barbara

Shivani Pechtl

Birth is amazing! And, can be one of the most ecstatic moments of your life. It is a time marked with creativity, inspiration and joy. I am honored to have this opportunity and share this most precious gift with you.

Conscious birth support describes a type of doula service, which not only provides emotional, physical and informational support, but also acknowledges the spiritual aspects of the birth process, which transforms you from woman to mother. As your doula, I use birth art and other techniques to explore any insecurities, fear and uncertainties you may have about pregnancy and birth. Through this exploration you will come to know yourself and be prepared for this most remarkable journey. This will allow life to unfold with grace and ease while supporting your vision of birth. I utilize many different modalities to facilitate a comfortable birth---acupuncture, massage, positioning, breathing and relaxation techniques. I am here to empower you--creating a safe, loving environment with my guidance and presence.

I, currently, hold a license in acupuncture and herbs with the state of California and am a diplomat with NCCAOM. I am certified as an Acutonics™ practioner (Acutonics™ are musical tuning forks applied to the meridian and chakra systems of the body) and have a strong focus on herbal medicine and nutrition. I received doula and mentor training from Pam England from Birthing From Within. I have trained with Gabrielle Stux, an acupuncturist from Germany, who has devised a prenatal protocol scientifically proven to reduce the necessity of cesarean.

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