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Santa Ynez Valley

Genevieve Herrick

I believe that birth works! The female body has an innate knowledge of how to give birth, just as it grows a new life throughout pregnancy. It is a healthy and normal biological process and a deeply powerful emotional experience. Birth is the doorway to parenthood and the creation or growth of a family. It is an enormous transition, a rite-of-passage, and a day you will remember forever. Education, proactive choices, loving support, and a positive care provider & birth environment help foster a satisfying birth and a fulfilling memory.

I offer doula services at a moderate cost and on a sliding scale. My services include a free initial consultation, two prenatal meetings, continuous support at birth, and one postpartum visit. I support home and hospital birth, midwife or doctor attended birth, and the many options a woman may choose based on her special circumstances. I hope to help a birthing mother have a satisfying birth as she wishes it to be.

Experience & Training:
2004 Fertility Awareness Training
2006 ALACE trained Childbirth Educator
2010 DONA training
2011 Began attending births as a doula
2012 Earned doula certification from DONA

I primarily serve women in my own community, Santa Ynez Valley, but will consider each birth on a case-by-case basis.

Please call or email to arrange an initial consultation free of charge!

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