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Santa Barbara

Marsha Smirnov

Since 2002 I have been able to see what a difference chiropractic care can make through pregnancy, labor, and child development. I have dedicated the majority of my continuing education to women's and children's health topics and am certified in Chiropractic Pediatrics (2003) and The Webster Technique (2002).

SBMC was created to provide convenient and affordable care in homes or offices of moms-to-be, postpartum moms, and their babies. I also set aside some office hours for those who prefer a different setting.

In November 2008 I became a first time mom. My goal was always to have a drug-free, natural birth and I was able to do that with my doula, Jenna Humphreys. Now my purpose is to help all expectant moms fulfill their vision of maternity.

I have also created a blog, visit it at: www.sbmobilechiropractic.blogspot.com

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