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Ojai, Ventura, Santa Barbara

Sarah Skogberg

I became passionate about supporting mothers through pregnancy and birth after Aiden my first son entered the world.For me giving birth was like running into a deeply loved and long lost friend. I cherish and appreciate that every birth comes with its own unique joys and challenges and each time I share the miracle of new life with women and their families, I feel so blessed.

I began my journey supporting mothers in 2007 as a birth Doula in Santa Barbara. At this time I also served on the board of CCDA and co-created  the "birthing" of the grant funded program “Doula Supported Births”. Through my initial experiences of providing labor support it became clear to me that my long term goal was to become a homebirth midwife.  To affirm this I took up an apprenticeship with Homebirth Midwife Mary Jackson, a wise and kindhearted woman who has been in practice locally for over 30 years. Working with Mary  taught me that gentle birth truly can create peace on earth. 

In July 2010 my daughter Kaylani was conceived and I decided to take a 2 year leave from supporting others so that I could pour my heart into the expansion of my family. Currently I find myself continuing on my journey toward becoming a Licensed Midwife through home study as part of the National Midwifery program and will also take up apprenticing again when the time is right. For now I am once again available for birth and postpartum doula services, yay! :) My rates are flexible, and I offer free consultations. I look forward to exploring the possibilities with you for they truly are limitless.Feel free to give me a call or send me an email. There's no time like the present moment.

In Love and Gratitude

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