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Kimberly Rivers

I am a Birthing From Within Childbirth Mentor and Certified Doula.

I felt so blessed to have the birth that I did, and I felt drawn to be a resource for the women in my family and community.

When I work with women I strive to support them in rediscovering that giving birth is a rite of passage, and that support and preparation for that journey is available.

As a Doula I can support women in having an empowered and aware birth in any birth setting. No matter what type of birth a women is most comfortable with, a doula can provide support and assistance to the mother and partner during this life changing time.

As a Childbirth Mentor, I provide yummy gourmet childbirth classes. Currently I am offering private classes in the home of the client and offer series at the Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center in Oak View, and at Sunrise Birthing Center in Ventura. Check my blog for the current schedule:www.venturachildbirthmentor.blogspot.com

I walk life's journey with my husband Michael, and leap, run & climb with my 4 year old son Mitchell.

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