Serving the communities of Santa Barbara County from Ventura to Santa Maria, the Central Coast Doula Association is dedicated to the support and education of women and families in creating an empowering birth and postpartum experience.

Our main purposes are to provide a strong communication link between practicing doulas, the childbearing public, maternity caregivers and others interested in learning more about labor and pospartum support, and to facilitate continuing education for our members.

Our membership is made up of birth doulas and postpartum doulas (and some practice both), and community members who either offer services related to pregnancy, childbirth, general health & well-being, and postpartum needs, or are individuals who believe in the benefits of doula care and want to support our mission.

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Central Coast Doula Association
(805) 202-3001(voicemail)
email: info@centralcoastdoulas.com
mailing address:
PO Box 3502
Santa Barbara, CA 93130


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Central Coast Doula Association • PO Box 3502, Santa Barbara, CA 93130 • (805) 202-3001 (voicemail)

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Important disclaimer:
The Central Coast Doula Association is happy to pass along the names of doulas and
other providers who have given us permission to release their names for referral. Please
understand that CCDA is an alliance of doulas and other perinatal professionals, and is not a
credentialing agency or a regulatory body. As such, we cannot be accountable for the competence of members of the organization. CCDA urges all parents to take responsibility for their birth experience by informing themselves regarding the competence of local practitioners. This can be done by asking questions, obtaining local references and knowing that good perinatal care entails thorough reading and discussing care with other parents and care providers. CCDA wishes you a happy and healthy birth experience in the environment of your choice.


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